Spawning Hill

Session 16 (27/02/11)

The last session ended with the players finding a halfling-comfortable room (7 ft tall ceilings, plush seats, food-laden tables, knick knacks on bookshelves, etc). The bewildered party decided that as it was only mid-afternoon they should backtrack and try another door.

After returning to the room with the human statue holding a stack of coins in each hand, the party went through the south door, followed the corridor and found themselves in a tavern common room. There were a few tables, each with either 1 or 2 figures seated at the table. As the party entered the room, the figures turned to face them so that the party could see skeletal faces with vacant eyes watching them. Kelvor, the dracha barbarian, failed his Will save and attempted to race back down the corridor. Howver Kelvor was in the middle of the party and as he turned Nora, the hu-charad champion of magic, tripped Kelvor, who went flat on his back. It took eventually 3 of the party members (Yintra, Nora and Laucian) a number of rounds to hold the barbarian down to dose him with a potion of remove fear.

Once all the party members were themselves again, Brother Alfred, the gold elf cleric, attempted to discern if the figures were undead and evil. He found that they were undead, but of a sort he hadn’t encountered before, however no evil registered on the evil-o-meter. Laucian cast detect magic and was able to identify necromantic and transmutation magic in the room. The figures had not got up from their tables and turned away from the players shortly afterwards. While the rest of the party looked on from the hallway, Brother Alfred made his way to the bar, while Yintra searched the walls for any secret passageways. Behind the bar Brother Alfred found a number of wooden tankards and a couple of open barrels full of some liquid. Shortly after stepping behind the bar a tankard slowly levitated above the bar, floated over to a barrel, descended into the barrel and then ascended filled with the liquid. After floating back to the bar Brother Alfred was able to smell alcohol in the tankard – some type of beer. After checking for poisons (none) he took a tentative sip and declared to the rest of the group that it was beer.

Yintra found no secret doors, etc and made her way back to the party. Brother Alfred took his beer to an occupied table and started talking to a hooded figure. The figure looked at Brother Alfred, and then turned back to what it was looking at earlier. At no time did the figure engage Brother Alfred in conversation. Brother Alfred returned to the party after finishing his beer and depositing the used tankard on the bar once more.

As there was nothing else of interest in the room, the party returned to exploring the rest of the rooms. Entering the west door took the party down a short hallway to another square room with a statue in the centre of it. This statue was of an elf, holding a sword in one hand, a scroll in the other. Kelvor and Laucian remained outside the room, while Brother Alfred, Yintra and Nora entered the room. A double door in the south and a single door in the west were the only obvious exits. 30 seconds after entering the room and searching the statue, all the doors slammed shut and the scroll and sword started glowing – the scroll a white colour, the sword a yellow colour. Borther Alfred deteted a lever in the statue, while Yintra espied a small hole in the north wall 18 ft from the floor. After attempting the lever and nothing occurred, Yintra drank a _potion of spider climb _and made her way to the hole. She soon found another lever in the hole. The doors were evetually unlocked after a few combinations of Brother Alfred and Yintra moving the levers.

The double doors yielded to an forest glade, complete with small trees in the underground cavern. The elves and the litorian felt at home here. After ensuring there was nothing else of interest and that the trees were real, the party made back through the west door from the elven statue room. The west door found the party, bar Laucian who stayed outside, in another square room. This one however had a dwarven statue in each corner and only one door – in the south. 30 seconds after entering the room, the doors shut and the dwarven statues animated so that the warhammer clanged against the shield. A search of each statue resulted in a button, which the party members pressed at the same time. The clanging stopped and the doors opened.

The door in the south opened to a cave dressed in dwarven style with a forge/anvil in the south-east corner. The room reminded the party of their recently deceased friend so they quickly left. The party returned to the first room and turned to the locked double doors to the west. No obvious locks presented themselves, so Laucian cast knock to open the doors. A long 10 wide corridor, strewn with rubble and alcoves every 10 foot appeared once the doors were open. Nora and Laucian led the party slowly down the corridor looking through their detect magic spells. Each alcove yielded an empty low pedestal with nothing remarkable.

Laucian soon detected a faint decrease in room temperature that soon became apparent to the rest of the party. Soon afterwards the party could hear groaning emanating from the walls. Nora had previously looked over the ceilin and declared it safe. The party soon had second thoughts of this opinion when a loud cracking sound, like thunder, could be heard. Nora and Laucian by this time were registering faint lights through their detect magic spells. A bright light appeared in front of the party from which an 8 ft tall reddish/gray scaled humanoid appeared, armed with a battleaxe and net. Brother Alfred spied a similar light and figure behind the party.

Battle ensued with the eventual result of both devils (as identified by Laucian post-combat) disappearing in the midst of combat. During the battle Laucian’s _lightning bolt _failed to make any impact due to the devil’s Spell Resistance. A similar _lightning bolt _from Brother Alfred, courtesy of the ring of minor spell storing, did hurt the devil behind the party. Other highlights included Kelvor inflicting a critical hit for maximum damage with his bastard sword and Brother Alfred summoning 3 celestial black bears. The session conluded after the last devil had disappeared.

XP for the session – 850

Treasure – None.

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