Khanis Kazan

Dwarven Stalker (with a just a hint of anger management issues)


S 20, D 14/16, Co 18, I 14, W 11, Ch 10. AC – 25 (FF – 23, Touch – 16). Init+3

HP- 54(12 during Rage). Saves – Fort11(2Poison), Ref6, Will+1

Std Traits- Dwarven, Bbn 2, Stkr 4

Feats- Track, Favored Wpn (Dwarven Waraxe) Wpn Focus (Dwarven Waraxe) Power Att, Cleave, Great cleave.

Attacks- Base+6/1, Melee11/6, Missile9/3 (3 for Waraxe, +1 for Wahammer, +2 to all when raging)

Skills- Ath+9, GaIn+7, Insight+3, Perc+9(2 stone, +5 Goggles), Ste10, Surv+6, Thief+12, UMD+3
Know (Street+4, Dungeon+8)
Lang (Dwarf r/w, Common r/w, Goblin, Hu-Charad)

Notable gear
Waraxe + 1, Keen (d10+1), Warhammer 1 (d81), Mithral shirt 2, Heavy Mithral Shield +1, Ring of Prot +1, Goggles of Minute Seeing (5 Perc within 1 ft. Very important for finding explody-hurty parts of the dungeon!), Ring of SpellStoring (1. CSW 3d8+6) Thieves Tools 1, MW Thieves Tools, Everburning LanternCamping/cooking gear
Potions- CMW (2d8
3), 2 x CLW (1d8+3)


Play notes – 1st class distraction, meatshield and when he gets it right, thumper. 2nd class rogue (but has the HP to survive the traps he doesn’t find. Remember the goggles dammit!). Generally 2nd scout and first/last strike (tends to miss the middle due to paralysis, entrapment, distracted by shiny things…)

Personality – Can’t stand the typically regimented dwarfs life. Get up at this time, have the same breakfast as the last 50 years, do the same job the way the ancestors decreed, pass the same program on to the next generation and on and on ad infinitum. Very much a here and now, tell us how you really feel kind of guy.

Of noble birth, Khanis is 7th in line for the clan leadership. His father is the current chief, and the clan is well-established in his home town of Flindern. His father Khanir arranged a posting to the Flindern Guard, an honorable if fairly tame job, in hopes that exposing his son to the necessity of law and order would encourage a change in attitude. Within two years Khanis had decided that while the job was worthwhile, there were better ways of going about it and promptly disappeared. <more>

Khanis Kazan

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